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Sometimes something can go wrong in the computer system of today's vehicles. The Computer Diagnostic Service is used to determine if an electronic component is affecting your transmission's shifting or the overall performance. A computer system scanner can retrieve any trouble codes and determine the probable cause. Our technicians can determine if a component or part needs to be replaced, and then make a recommendation for whatever service is necessary for you, the customer.


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We recommend that the automatic transmission should be serviced at regular intervals to maintain transmission performance. Industry authorities recommend that the disposable fluid and the filter should be changed every year or every 12,000 miles.

During service, and usually FREE OF ADDITONAL CHARGE, a road check should be made accompanied by an under-hood and under-car inspection to determine the condition of all driveline components and transmission accessories.

Automatic transmission fluid should be checked every 1,000 miles. Its level, color, and smell will be recorded in the maintenance plan for future reference. Low fluid almost always indicates a leak or a malfunction in the transmission, or its other related components. If leaks are detected, then you should consult with TJ's Transmission Service, Inc.'s Certified A.T.R.A- Automatic Transmission Technician, right away.

Be aware of changes in driving characteristics of your vehicle. Late or early shifting, slipping, or noise of any kind, should be diagnosed, immediately.

Plan today...And keep your transmission on the road tomorrow...

1) Check the Fluid Level: Nothing is more important than maintaining proper fluid levels for keeping the transmission working properly and efficiently.

2) Check Transmission Problems Promptly: Most transmission problems start out small and get worse over time. Following a correct transmission maintenance plan can prevent expensive transmission repair in the future.

3) Transmission Maintenance Plan: A complete fluid and filter change every year can add to a transmissions performance and add years to the transmissions life. A proper maintenance plan can save you money, time and the headache of dealing with a disabled vehicle.

If you are having transmission problems... Tj's Transmission Service, Inc. can get you back on the road quickly and running smoothly.

*Tj's Transmission Service, Inc. offers free towing on major repairs within a 10-mile radius.

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